About Our Church

Open Door Community Church is a nondenominational Christian Church.

Many have been bruised in the name of “religion.” We believe that it is time for the healing to begin! Our worship is contemporary, meaningful, uplifting, and fun.

Open Door Community Churches offer a message of reconciliation and bridge building between the Christian community and those who have felt alienated from it through law-filled teachings not based on the grace we believe Christ intended. We exist to proclaim God’s unconditional love to all and to provide fellowship, friendship and spiritual opportunities to all.

Open Door Worship

The leadership at Open Door Community Churches are excited to see gay and non-gay Christians worshiping together as one. We believe that gay and non-gay Christians can and should come to the table of the Lord together, side by side, without labels. We believe that as these two historically separate communities join together at the cross of Jesus Christ a healing and a new understanding of oneness in Christ occurs in both groups. We are part of a growing revival of grace-filled Christians transcending either the terms “conservative” or “liberal”. Above all things, we are a GRACE CHURCH!

We are a family embracing the full spectrum of race, age, gender, family status, sexual orientation, economic status and denominational background.

We invite all who have a heart to follow Jesus to join us on this exciting journey of bridge-building and ministry!

Read Pastor Randy’s and Gary’s personal story.

Our Affirmation Of Faith

We believe in God the creator of us all, whose desire for diversity is seen in the rainbow of humanity.

With unrelenting passion God seeks to be in relationship with all of us.
We believe in Jesus the Christ, who is the embodiment of God’s redeeming grace and in the Holy Spirit through whom that grace continues its restoring work.

We believe in the Church. It is the body of Christ on the earth today.
As ministers of this church, we are all called like Jesus, to heal, to deliver, to teach, and to serve.

We believe that together we can change the world, in our time and for all time, Amen!

Our New Affirmation Chorus “In the Place”

Our New Affirmation Chorus with verses sung by Neal Campbell, the composer

Our Former Affirmation Chorus “Love is Our Common Ground”



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