Our children are a blessing to us and we provide craft and story time each Sunday for all ages.    We have rotating leaders who are experienced parents and teachers who are running the program.  Generally, children remain in the service until just before the sermon, when they join these leaders in the children’s classroom.

History of the Children’s Program:

Pastor Randy had long had a dream that our church would one day have a dynamic and vibrant children’s ministry. As the church grew, and more folks with children began to attend services with us, we began to see that dream come to realization. In 2004, the children’s group grew so large that we had to remodel part of the church building to accommodate them. We tore down a wall between the children’s room and a storage room and combined the two rooms into one large children’s ministry area.

The Children’s Ministry was led for several years by Pastors Amy and Shelly, who worked diligently and faithfully to prepare and teach Bible studies and present these studies through storytelling and arts and crafts. The children were also involved in music and drama. During the Christmas season of 2004, Open Door Community Church held it’s very first Children’s Christmas Pageant. This beautiful production about the birth of Christ was presented as a narrated play interjected with musical performances, and  had become a much anticipated annual tradition during the holiday season each year.childrens christmas play


When both Amy and Shelly mad the decision to move on to other churches, we prayerfully considered how to best move forward, and after a period of reformation, the new program was started.

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