Open Door's 2014 Fall Conference

Experience How Great it Was!
2014 Open Door Annual Fall Conference with Brian McLaren, Frank Schaeffer, and Jay Bakker



Brian McLaren receives the 2014 Peggy Campolo Carrier Pigeon Award for his work in support of LGBTQ Christians.





“I named Brian McLaren’s Turtle.”

-Jay Bakker







Chain Smoking, Turtles, A Strong Woman, And Obi Wan Kenobi

A talk by Jay Bakker







“What we focus on determines what we miss.”

-Brian McLaren








First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Win gracefully.

A talk by Brian McLaren







“Very soon is gonna come the moment where a lot of us are going to have to say, ‘How can we pay it forward? Who is the next group in danger of becoming the next outcast?”

-Brian McLaren










Choose to follow Jesus, and not the Bible.

A talk by Frank Schaeffer.







 “Our best hope is not found in correct theology, but in the love we express through action rather than words. Our best hope is that love predates creation and thus that the Creator sees us as ever young. Our hope is that when we look at God through the eyes of the loving Christ we will see who God really is. Our ultimate hope is that God will be looking back at us as we’d like to be seen.”

-Frank Schaeffer










A legacy of Christian conservatism transformed by the experience of Jesus.

A talk by Frank Schaeffer.





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