Peggy Adkins Price

My life is better because of Open Door Community Church. And I wouldn’t know about Open Door if my amazing oldest child hadn’t discovered them. I’m guessing it was about 8 years ago. Maybe 9. Christi had started attending church. And she kept attending. I was puzzled. There had been nothing about church that I’d wanted to participate in for literally years. And yet, she continued to go to this church. Why was it special?
Bobby and I were going thru a particularly difficult time. Considering all the baggage we’d both brought into the marriage, this came as no surprise. Christi asked me if I wanted to come to church with her, and I thought, “Why not?” Y’all? I knew, the minute I walked in, that this church was different. Nobody there seemed holier than thou. Everybody hugged everybody. They laughed. They sang. They smiled. And they worshipped in a way I’d never seen before. They were excited. About the love of God. I’d always been scared of Him.
There was a guest speaker and singer there, that first day. The singer was Cynthia Clawson. A line from one of her songs was, “Giants can be good. Witches can be right.” I was self conscious, because I couldn’t stop the tears. Then I noticed the dozens of boxes of Kleenex. And I realized that this church was a safe place. A place where your tears are holy, and no one judges you for being too emotional.
Fast forward to now. Open Door is still, and will always be a safe place. We welcome broken hearts and damaged spirits. We don’t have a “doctrine.” Pastor Randy Eddy-McCain knows my beliefs, and doesn’t judge me like a lot of ministers would. Open Door Community Church is where Jesus lives. In our hearts, in our souls, in that little purple room. Join us.

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