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2017 Sermons:

No Sermon 01/29/2017 – Jason and DeMarco in Concert





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2017 Downloadable Sermons:

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Selected Sermons may be downloaded below:

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The Power of Waiting – 01/01/2017 Pastor Dick King

Facing the New Year….Not in Fear but with Confidence – 01/08/2017 Pastor Randy Eddy-McCain

Dr Tony Campolo – 01/15/2017

Shhhh Be Still – 01/22/2017 – Pastor Randy Eddy-McCain

No Sermon 01/29/2017 – Jason and DeMarco in Concert

God’s Search for a Body 02/05/2017 – Pastor Randy Eddy-McCain

State of the Church 2017 02/12/2017 – Pastor Randy Eddy-McCain, Pastor Sheryl Myers, Greg Davis, Brent Gourly,  Mary Purdy

Why Do You Call Me Good 02/19/2017 – Pastor Dick King

Musings of a Progressive Christian Pastor 02/26/2017 – Pastor Randy Eddy-McCain

The Left-Handed Kingdom 03/05/2017 – Pastor Randy Eddy-McCain

Repent and Believe in the Good News 03/12/2017 –  Pastor Randy Eddy-McCain

God is Present Even in our Darkness  – Pastor Randy Eddy-McCain 03/19/2017

Fruit Baring or Fruit Producing – 03/26/2017 – Pastor Dick King

Susan Cottrell -04/02/2017 – Susan Cottrell

Find Your Mountain – 04/02/2017 – Pastor Randy E


How We View The Cross – 04/09/2017 – Pastor Randy Eddy-McCain

The Day Jesus Needed A Hand – 04/16/2017 – Dr Harold Ivan Smith 

Celebrating Love – 04/23/2017- Pastor Sheryl Myers

Life Lessons From My Spam Folder – 04/30/2017 – Bill Prickett

Are You Afraid of Change – 05/07/2017 – Pastor Randy Eddy-McCain

Remembering My Mom – 05/14/2017 – Pastor Randy Eddy-McCain

My Great Big A-Ha Adventure in Grace – 05/21/2017 – Pastor Randy Eddy-McCain








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